Bean Bag Buying Guide: Finding the Best Chair for Your Kids

A bean bag chair is a great way to give your kids a fun way to relax, whether it’s in their room or in another part of the house. This guide explains some of the most important aspects of finding the best kids bean bag chair so you can make sure you find them the perfect chair for them to enjoy.

Measure the Room First

Before you even start looking at different models of bean bag chairs, you need to get the complete measurements of the room in which you’re going to put the chair. This is incredibly important because you need to make sure that you actually have enough space for the chair in the first place. Most bean bag chairs require a good few feet of floor space just to sit, before you get into your kids actually using them. You’re going to need a bit clearance above it and around it so they have room to move around without bumping into anything.

It’s also important to get room measurements so that you can make sure there’s always a clear path for movement in the area. The chair shouldn’t get in the way of accessing any other furniture in the room, or make it hard for the child to get in and out. If there’s ever an emergency, you don’t want them to struggle to get out because the bean bag is in the way.

Think about the Child’s Size

After measuring the room, it’s a good idea to measure your child as well. You want to make sure that the chair is big enough for them to actually sit on comfortably and safely. There are some chairs out there billed as being for kids, when they’re actually more like toys or chairs for toddlers. If the chair is too small, your child won’t feel comfortable sitting on it. They might also fall off if it’s too small, or even cause the chair to break or tear if the chair can’t support their weight properly.

Conversely, you’re also going to want to stay away from any oversized chairs. It might seem cute to see your kid swimming in a large bean bag chair, but these can be dangerous if the child isn’t old enough. Falling off becomes a hazard once again, and a too-large chair can pose some other issues as well. It might be tempting to get a chair that your child can grow into, but don’t overdo it on this. Your child might grow out of the chair in other ways as time goes by.

The Importance of the LookKeeping it Clean

As a parent, your biggest concern is probably going to be how to keep the bean bag chair clean. There are many models out there that use nylon and similar materials to offer stain and water resistance, which make cleaning up spills a breeze. This can be good if you want to encourage your child to start cleaning up for themselves, since they would only need to wipe it down with a slightly wet cloth instead of using any dangerous cleaners.

If you want to do more than just wipe the chair off to clean it, then you should look for one with a removable cover that’s machine washable. This will allow you to take the cover off completely and put it in the wash, so you can keep the whole thing clean instead of just treating individual spots or spills.

A Word on Cost

After taking all of this into consideration, remember to keep an eye on the price. You might be tempted to shell out a few extra dollars for your child, but it’s not always necessary. Kids can change their minds pretty often, so there’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a chair and run the risk of them getting bored with it and never actually using it.