How to Buy a Bean Bag Chair on a Budget

Bean bag chairs might seem like a cheap alternative to traditional seating, but there are actually quite a few lines out there that can cost just as much as their beanless counterparts. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get your own quality bean bag chair unless you’re willing to spend a pretty penny. Check out these helpful tips to buy a bean bag chair on a budget.

Keep Size in Check

An easy way to keep your costs low is to stay away from the oversized bean bag chairs. Generally speaking, bigger chairs are going to cost you more simply because they use more material. However, that doesn’t mean that smaller chairs are always going to be cheaper either – sometimes these chairs are actually very expensive because they don’t have as wide of a range of use. The key here is to avoid anything that is billed as being a “specialty” chair size, since these are almost always going to carry a higher price tag.

Aim for a chair in the medium size range, around three to four feet wide, since these are going to be suitable for most adults and nearly all children. You should still check the measurements of the chair and compare them to the sizes of the people that are going to use them to make sure everything lines up. Sometimes you are going to need to find a bigger or smaller chair, so it can help to understand the ranges out there.

Pick Beans over Foam

More modern bean bag chairs are actually ditching the beans completely and using various types of foam for the actual construction. While the foam can be more comfortable to sit on over time, it’s typically found on larger or more expensive chairs. Stick with standard beans to keep your costs down, and to also get the classic movable bean bag chair experience while you’re at it.

You might come across brands advertising a specific type of bean, but in most cases all the beans are more or less the same. Some manufacturers might try to hike up the price by advertising a special type of filling that might carry additional benefits, such as being hypoallergenic, for a higher price. Check out the specifics of the filling to see if this is the case and figure out if you need to look for a different material.

Find a Fabric Cover

Bean bag chairs with a fabric cover are usually going to be less expensive than any lines that have a nylon or similar type of material for the cover. Fabric is easier to produce and use, and thus can make the chair cheaper. Just know that fabric covers aren’t going to have the same level of stain resistance that nylon does; if you think your chair might be exposed to food or drinks that could spill, it might be worth the extra money to go with the more stain-resistant nylon.

Still, there are a lot of fabric covers that you can remove and wash, so you might still be able to clean the chair in the case of an accident. Always check to see if the cover is removable and washable, as some removable covers might not actually be safe to put in a washing machine.

Stay with Simple Designs

Sticking with a bean bag chair that has a simple, straightforward design is another way to help you keep your costs low. There are a lot of different bean bag chairs out there that offer versatile designs that allow you to create different seating configurations. While this is nice, it’s a feature that can often increase the final price quite a bit. If you want to keep stay inside your budget, then steer clear of these multipurpose or adjustable bean bag chairs.

Focus on chairs that have simple, traditional round designs to keep from breaking the bank on your next purchase. You should also check out chairs that are styled to be like chairs, as these are sometimes less expensive due to the fact that the construction process doesn’t require as much engineering effort.

Bonus Tip: Check all the Colors

One last tip to help you keep costs as low as possible is to always check every color option out there. Sometimes manufacturers can sell a particular color at a lower price than all the others. If you don’t mind having a bright green chair or one that has neon zebra stripes, then it could translate into some major savings in the end. Just remember to keep that low price in mind when you look at your “unique” color choice.