Family-Friendly Bean Bag Chair Reviews
Best for Casual Use and Living Room

When you think of bean bag chairs, what comes to mind? Those flimsy, uncomfortable bean bags from the 70s that would rip apart after a few uses? I’ll be honest, that’s what I thought of when my kids asked me to buy them one.

After just a few minutes of looking online, I quickly found out that bean bag chairs have come a long way since then. There are so many different styles and options, I just got overwhelmed. But rather than disappoint my kids by giving them a sub-par chair, I buckled down and set out to learn everything I could.

This site is the result of all of that research. I’ve got reviews of the best bean bag chairs I found, buying guides, and more to help save you time and effort. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or your kids, Bean Bag Best should have everything you need to make a smart decision and find the best chair for you.

Best Multipurpose Bean Bag Chair

Fatboy, The Original


If you want a bean bag chair you can use pretty much anywhere, then then this is definitely the one for you. It’s made to give you a lot of room to sit and relax without being too big or overbearing, which isn’t something I’ve seen in a lot of bean bag chairs out there. It also uses a special fabric that is both durable and easy to clean.

Perfect for Any Space

The dimensions of this bean bag chair are really what makes it such an interesting item, since it’s right in that range where it’s big enough for adults to sit on without having to be so big that it would be hard to move around. Coming it at 55 inches wide, that’s certainly enough space for a guy like me to be able to sit and not feel like I’m trying to balance on a pillow. Plus, since it’s 70 inches tall, I would even have some space behind my back to give me more support. Even with all the size here, it’s certainly not so big that you wouldn’t be able to fit it in your living room, bedroom, or office. I really like that you could put this bean bag chair in so many different locations, and since it has such a versatile rectangular design it would match a wide range of room designs. I know for sure that my wife would love being able to fit a chair like this into a room and have it feel right at home.

Durable Protective Cover

The durable cover is another reason why this is such a great multipurpose bean bag chair. Let’s say you want to set up some of these in your living room for a movie night with your kids. There’s definitely going to be spills of all kinds, from glasses of soda to popcorn and chips. Or maybe you want to have some funky chairs for a break room in your office. Between the coffee and whatever foods people are eating for lunch, there’s definitely going to be more than a few spills there, too. Instead of having to cover the whole thing in one of those unattractive plastic covers, or simply deal with a stained and dirty chair, this model uses a nylon cover that fights off stains as well as water damage. That means that as long as you’re quick to wipe up the mess, you shouldn’t see any residual staining. Being able to keep a chair like this clean and pristine looking is a big win in my book.

Best for Families

Cozy Sack 3-Feet Bean Bag Chair


Bean bag chairs are such a great piece of furniture to enjoy with your family, since they make getting together so cozy and casual instead of the overly formal feel that a lot of couches and chairs can have. This chair from Cozy Sack really won me over when it comes to the best family bean bag chair because of the little touches that show they know what families want – easy cleaning options and lots of color choices.

Child-Friendly Zipper

I came across a lot of bean bag chairs that didn’t have removable covers, which could become a problem even if they have stain-resistant covers. So right away I like that you can remove the cover on this chair in case you need to toss it into the washing machine; clean up doesn’t have to be a big hassle. Still, having small kids that love to fiddle with darn near everything, I know that zippers can cause some major “ouchies”, as we call them. The child-friendly zipper designs on this bag score a lot of points for me, since I don’t want to worry about my kids pinching fingers or getting hurt when they’re on the bag. I don’t ever plan on having my kids unzip the cover on a bean bag chair, but when you have kids you know that you can never really plan for everything, so a little precaution really does go a long way.

Available in Lots of Colors

The other thing that my kids love is choosing their favorite colors in practically everything, from foods to clothes and toys. Especially with their toys, to be honest. That’s why it’s so great that you can get this bean bag chair in such a wide range of colors. You could let each of your kids pick their own in their favorite colors, and that way they get to feel special and you don’t have to worry about anyone fighting over which one belongs to whom – just look at the colors! There are also bean bags with some fun animal prints, which could really keep your space feeling lively. As if the color variety wasn’t enough, all of these covers are made out of microfiber, which is an incredibly soft fabric perfect for really getting cozy. It’s a nice alternative to the uncomfortable vinyl that you might see in other bean bags, and since you can unzip the covers, cleanup will be much easier, too.

Best for the Money

Big Joe Lumin Chair


Sometimes you might want to enjoy all the fun of sitting in a bean bag chair without having to shell out the same amount of cash you would spend on a traditional chair. In the old days, this would mean that your choices would be pretty limited. However, this amazing chair from Big Joe gives you quite a lot of bang for your buck. It’s designed to give you a versatile and functional chair that you could relax in anywhere in your house, all while giving you some of the styling of an actual chair for added usability.

Durable and Resilient Design

Any time you’re looking to stay within a budget on a home purchase like this, you’re going to run into the issue of quality. I was very surprised when I read through the description of this bean bag chair because it didn’t look like they were shortchanging you on the build, as was the case with some of the other chairs in the lower price bracket. You get a strong cover made out of a water and stain-resistant fabric, which is essential if you want to put the chair into use almost anywhere in your house. It’s also got double stitching on the seams, which is meant to reduce the likelihood of the chair ripping apart when you sit on it. This was something that used to be a major issue with bean bag chairs, and can still occur on a lot of models.

Features Full Back and Arms

One of the things that really caught my eye about this chair was that it actually looked like a chair, as opposed to the traditional “sack” look that typically comes to mind. You find an actual back and arms built right into this bean bag chair, so you would actually be able to sit back in it and put your arms up instead of just sinking down onto it. Big Joe uses ultimax beans in this chair, which are meant to better conform to your body shape and give you a more comfortable sitting experience. When you combine that with the sturdy stitching and the full back design, you really come out with a chair that’s was made for people to sit in and enjoy. You don’t usually find all of these features on such an affordable bean bag chair, so this really makes it a top choice for those of you looking to keep costs as low as possible without having to sacrifice your comfort.

Best Bean Bag Lounger

Jaxx Sofa Saxx 4-foot


This bean bag chair takes relaxing to a whole new level – a horizontal level, to be exact. Instead of the usual round or rectangular chair design that you see in most models, this is a bean bag made for reclining and really stretching out. It’s like a combination bean bag chair and a sofa, so you get a lot of lounging options and ways to unwind. And it also comes in a good range of colors, too.

Long Enough for Serious Relaxing

This bean bag lounger clocks in four feet long, which is more than enough space to settle yourself in and focus on your relaxation. Most bean bag chairs are designed for you to sit on them like you would a regular chair, but can be a bit limited if you want to do anything other than sit straight up. This lounger gives you the ability to curl up on your side, fully lay back with your feet resting on the ground, or even cuddle up with a special someone while you relax. You could put this in your media room for extra seating, use it as reading spot in your den, or let your kids sit on it to play games or watch movies. Four feet is also a good size to give you plenty of room to choose your own relaxing style, but not so big that it would swallow up your room or act like a replacement for the couch you probably already have.

Removable Machine-Washable Cover

I really like that you get a removable cover with this bean bag lounger, so if you make any messes or have any spills you don’t have to worry about permanently staining it right away. The cover is able machine wash safely, so you can throw it in the laundry and get it nice and clean after that spill, or just make it part of your regular loads. I wish that I could remove the covers for some of my other furniture to make cleaning easier, so this is a big plus for me. With a long bean bag like this, you’re also going to have more of it touching the floor at a time, which means that it’s going to catch dust and other debris that’s on the ground. Being able to pull off the cover and wash it whenever you want is going to make caring for this model much easier, and give you way more use in the long run.

Best Sports Novelty Bean Bag Chair

Comfort Research Big Joe Basketball Chair


One of the coolest things about bean bag chairs is that you can find then in so many different colors and styles, which can be a big plus when you’re looking for a fun chair to put in your kids room. Sports themes are pretty popular for bean bag chairs, which makes sense since they can be quite a comfy way to sit and watch a sports game. These are definitely the best sports-themed bean bag chairs I’ve seen, since they really deliver on the sports elements and include the reliable features you would want in any bean bag chair.

Fun Sports Themes

I came across quite a few lackluster themed bean bag chairs, where all the manufacturers did was slap a logo on it and call it a day. That’s definitely not the case with these nifty chairs from the experts at Big Joe, who clearly know a thing or two about making a bean bag chair. Each of the chairs in this series is based on a ball from a different sport, so you’ve got a football, a baseball, and a soccer ball. Each one looks exactly like the actual ball, so you really get hit with the novelty of it right away without having to guess what it’s supposed to be. They also get bonus points for making the football chair oblong, just like an actual football. If you have a kid that is into one of these sports, then they would absolutely love an oversized chair-version of the ball that they could sit on anytime they want. It could be the crown jewel in a sports-themed room design, or just a fun addition to a bedroom or play room.

Sized for Kids Rooms

When you’re looking for furniture for a kids room, you typically want it to be small enough to fit in with their bed, desk, dresser, and all the other furniture, but still be big enough for them to actually sit on. This chair is designed to accommodate all of that, with 20 inch by 20 inch dimensions that would give a kid plenty of room to sit without the chair taking over the room. I would say that the chair might be too small for adults to sit on, but that it could still make a fun little decoration piece for a game room or your man cave. Big Joe also uses the same durable cover design that it has on its other chairs for this one, so you can trust that it will stand up to the extra wear and tear that kids can put on furniture. It’s also made to be easily cleaned with a damp cloth, so you don’t have to struggle with a troublesome cleanup process if your kids spill anything on it.

Best Couch Replacement Chair

Big Joe 6-Foot XL Fuf in Comfort Suede


I never thought that you could replace your couch with a bean bag chair until I came across the Fuf. It’s made completely differently than all the other bean bag chairs I’ve seen, and that difference in construction is what allows them to make something that’s this big. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I first read it’s product description, but I quickly realized that it’s made to give you a whole new way to relax.

Big Enough for the Whole Family

This bean bag couch is six feet long, which is definitely big enough to use as a couch for a few adults and kids to sit on. As I was looking at it, I could just picture me and my wife settling in for a movie and still having plenty of space on our sides. The size would also make it big enough for our kids to all get on it at once (as long as we could get them to stop running around long enough to sit still, that is). Instead of building it like a traditional couch, with arms, a back, and a lower seating section, the Fuf has a rounded shape that lets you decide how you want to sit on it. I was very surprised by this at first, but the more I thought about it the more I realized that this was a very unique benefit. Since there’s no predetermined shape, you could adjust it to fit your needs and really achieve maximum relaxation.

Memory Foam Inside

Another of the unique features of this bean bag couch is that is uses memory foam instead of actual beans. The idea is that the foam is more comfortable to sit on that beans, which makes it more enjoyable to use as a couch for sitting or lounging. However, instead of using standard memory foam, this bag uses a special patented type of memory foam called (you guess it) fuf foam. According to the manufacturers, you can actually fluff your Fuf back up after using it, just like you would a pillow. They call this process “re-fuffing,” and it ties in to the round design to give you more freedom to relax. You can bunch up your couch and position it however you like, then “re-fuff” it to get it back to its original shape when you’re done.

Best for College

Big Joe Dorm Chair


College is about having fun and enjoying yourself (as well as studying hard and all of that stuff, too). I remember a friend who had a bean bag chair in his dorm back in college, but it was nothing like this one from Big Joe. It’s definitely built for some serious college-style relaxing, and has a few nice features to make owning one a bit more manageable for those college kids that are still figuring out how to take care of their furniture.

Easy to Clean

I really can’t emphasize enough how much I love a piece of furniture that is easy to clean. The thing about bean bag chairs is that you’re going to be sitting on them to relax, and when you’re in college relaxing usually means that you’re going to have some kind of food or drink with you. I know that when I was in college, I pretty much always had a bottle of soda with me wherever I went. This chair is made out of smartmax ballistic fabric, which sounds pretty intense but just means that it’s strong and made to be resilient. It’s designed to stay together even with a lot of heavy use from sitting or whatever roughhousing those college kids might get themselves into. And it’s also made to be easily cleaned with nothing more than a damp cloth, which is great because college kids don’t usually have a lot of fancy cleaning supplies around, either.

Built-in Pockets

I really love that this chair not only has a built-in pocket but a built-in cup holder as well. Like I said, I always had some kind of drink with me when I was in college, so being able to tuck it into the side of the chair while I watched TV or read would have been such a major benefit. I could definitely see some college kids keeping a TV remove, video game controller, or even a magazine in that pocket. The whole idea with this bean bag chair is that it’s meant to be great for relaxing anywhere. It’s even got a handle at the top so you could bring it between dorms, home for the weekend, or over to a friend’s house. I also really like that it’s built to be more like a chair, which keeps it more compact. That’s a plus for easy transportation and for accommodating those tiny dorm rooms, where you really have to maximize every inch of space you have.

Best for Casual Use

Big Joe Roma Chair


You can definitely find a lot of fancy bean bag chair designs out there, but sometimes you just want a simple chair for relaxing in a casual setting. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you need to check out this chair. It’s a nice little upgrade on the traditional bean bag design; meant to give you more support while still keeping that ultra casual feel. It’s a wonderful choice for any spot that’s made for relaxing, like your living room or family room.

Open Structured Design

This bean bag chair is a great middle ground between the typical “bag” design and the more structured models that are made to resemble actual chairs. It has a back that extends up from the base so you don’t have to sink yourself into it in order to have something to lean against, but there are no arms on the chair at all. This keeps it feeling open and maintains the causal feel, since you’re not sitting on a plain cushion or trying to fit yourself into a tiny chair. You could cross your legs on the chair without getting cramped, which is something my kids do all the time when they sit. This chair is about keeping things low key, so nobody has to feel like they’re in a stuffy piece of furniture, and the back structure would give you a bit more to work with while you’re sitting.

Double Stitched and Zippered

Just because a bean bag chair is meant for casual relaxing doesn’t mean it has to be flimsy or run the risk of falling apart. First of all, you’ve got double stitching all throughout the chair, which gives it a good amount of reinforcement to keep everything together through all the usage. Since there are multiple stitch points across the bag rather than just one big piece of fabric sown together on the back, you are going to get a stronger overall hold. There’s also a double zipper system that will help increase the safety factor when the time comes to remove the covering. Single zippers can get stuck or just be a pain to get open, so the double zipper here is meant to make things more convenient for everyone. I also like that you can choose from a few different colors, so you’re not limited by the look of the chair.

The Final Bean in the Bag

I truly hope that you were able to find these reviews helpful. There are so many different choices out there when it comes to bean bag chairs, and I don’t want you to fall into the same confusion that I did when I first started looking for one. No one should have to work too hard to find a good way to relax.

If you’re still not sure what chair is right for you, make sure you check out the other pages on the site. I’ve got some in-depth articles that cover more aspects of buying a bean bag chair, since there are a lot of things you might need to think about before you commit to a purchase.

Once you finally find your chair, remember always make some time to sit in it and relax. After all this searching, you definitely deserve it.